Are you looking for a new job and need updated computer skills? Are you in the second phase of your life and would like to learn how to use the computer? Are you homeschooling your children and would like to make sure they are getting the computer literacy skills as outlined through ISTE? You've come to the right place!

Isn't it ironic that computers, which should be making our lives easier, are the cause of major frustration at times! The human brain is infinitely more complex and smarter than any computer, but that little machine can make us feel totally incompetent!

Whether you are at the beginning edge of learning computers, or just need to learn a particular piece of software, I can help. There is no question too stupid to ask. I can coach you so that you feel more competent with your desired task!

I have 35 years of teaching experience. I can be very patient while leading you to learn.

Lessons will be at your house on the machine that you use. Unlike Continuing Ed classes, I will tailor all lessons to your needs. Contact me today!