Is your password 123456 or “password?” How did I know? Those are 2 of the 10 most used passwords! Our life today requires us to have passwords for many things – to log onto our work computer, access our bank accounts, email accounts, home networks, Facebook and more!

It seems that just as you have one that you can remember, has the correct number of letters and numbers, the requirements for a new account change. Some require upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters like %$#.

Here’s a tip that might help you in creating a secure, but memorable password, that will be difficult for hackers to discover.

Think of a phrase or song lyric that you can remember, like “Washington is full of idiots” Take the first letter of each word wifoi. Now substitute upper case and special characters – W1f@i. This password would be much more difficult for someone to hack into! For added security, add some letters for the specific site. For gmail it might be W1f@iGm, for Bank of America – BoaW1f@i .