ISP Choices

ISP Choices

Who is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and what choices do you have? Unfortunately, most of us have only 1 or 2 choices.

ISP Types

Dial-up – Yes, Dial-up still exists and maybe you are still paying for it and do not know it. If you have an AOL account that you PAY for, then you are paying for dial-up. This is the slowest form of Internet connection. It uses the telephone line to transmit your connection to websites. You do NOT need to pay for AOL if you are using cable or DSL for your Internet. You can retain your AOL address for FREE!

Satellite –This is slower than DSL, but is sometimes the only option if you are in a very rural area. You do need a satellite dish for this connection.

DSL – Digital Subscriber Line. This is a connection that is usually provided by a telephone company, as it uses a telephone line to provide the connection. The pro to this is that it is usually cheaper than other Internet options. The con is that your speed relies on how close to the main connection you happen to be. The farther away, the slower your connection.

Cable –also know as broadband, can only be provided by a cable company, so you are limited to the one that serves your area – i.e. Comcast or Charter for example. A coaxial cable provide the service to your house. Cable is typically faster than the previously mentioned services, but can vary based on how many in your neighborhood are online. If everyone is streaming a movie at the same time, you might be experiencing a slowdown!

Fiber Optics – is the fastest, but most expensive of all the options and is only available in limited areas. Fiber optic lines are made of pure glass as thin as human hair.

Faster Internet connections cost more. But, sometimes it is well worth the price!