Are you guilty of forwarding that cute cat picture to your entire address book? Did you receive a funny email that you have to immediately forward to all your friends? Please STOP!

Every time you “forward” an email, you are sending the email address of EVERY recipient that has been sent this email. Sometimes the email has been forwarded so many times, those previous emails end up in an attachment that some email programs cannot open.

First, there are three lines that can be used to send an e-mail: TO, CC, and BCC. Use the “To” field when you want the recipient to take action. Use the “Cc” field as a way of informing others of something, but no action is needed. Use the “Bcc” field to send an email to many people without disclosing their names and emails to everyone!

Second, COPY the content, picture, joke from the original email and PASTE it into a NEW mail document! Your friends will thank you for not having to scroll through all the past email addresses and comments!!

One more word about Bcc – there are those people who every time they respond to an email “reply to all”, if you have used Bcc they will only be replying to you and not everyone!