302  – the number of events; 2,300 the number of medals that will be awarded; 67,000 – the number of cell phones likely to be lost or stolen during the London Olympics! About 40% of these phones will be “smartphones” Android or iPhones.

This statistic comes from Venafi, a management solutions firm. It calculated this number from the average number of cell phones normally lost or stolen in a two-week period in London and the number of people expected to be in London for the Olympics.

While replacing these phones could cost you anywhere from $200 to $600, yes, even if you have insurance, the bigger issue is the data contained on these phones! This should be a wake-up call for those of us that use these phones. If your phone lands in the wrong hands your personal information could be at risk. We use smart phones for banking, travel reservations, online purchases and even business documents.

Your first layer of protection is to lock your smartphone’s screen. I know it’s a pain to type in a cade every time you want to use it!

The next layer is to make sure you have activated “Find my iPhone” or “Lookout” for Android phones. These apps allow you to locate your phone, remotely lock it and even remotely wipe the information from the phone. I even suggest testing these apps to make sure you know how to use them. Maybe bookmark the websites on your home computer!

Other tips:

  • Do not store sensitive information on your phone, or if you have to, encrypt it.
  • If you lock down your phone, make sure that you remember the password! There is no way to retrieve it if you forget! You can reset your phone – but that will wipe out all data!

Back-up your data. Your wireless service should offer a backup system, but in addition Google offers backup for the Android phones and Apple for the iPhones.

Treat your smartphone with care – in the wrong hands it can make a mess of your life!