Do you use an Android based devise – like a Motorola Droid, Samsung Galaxy, HTC Amaze, Galaxy S Blaze and many more? The apps that you purchase through Google Play (formerly called the Android Marketplace) are not scrutinized like the apps through the Apple store for iPhones.

According to Trend Micro, an anti-virus company, they have seen the “number of malicious apps double from 10,000 to 20,000 in just one month.” Many of these apps can do serious damage to your phone and your life. For example, you think you are downloading a bank app, but if it is a malicious app, it might steal your user name and password and real banking information. Trend Micro adds “As ever, criminals want to make money out of their victims by tricking them into using premium rate services or viewing mobile ads; stealing sensitive data; or even turning their phones into part of a botnet.”

What can you do to protect your device?

Well first, take a minute before you tap “install” to check the maker of the app. How many apps have they made? Are they a major player?

Make sure you are using Google Play to download your app. If it is a banking app, make sure YOUR bank is the one distributing it!

Most importantly, install some virus protection on your phone. There are a few free virus protection apps – Lookout and Avast Mobile Security are two that work well.

Your tablet and mobile phone are just small computers. Protection will safeguard your information and protect your mobile device!